Monday, 17 November 2014

Long ago known as the "White Elephant Room"

Long ago known as the "White Elephant Room" (which was simply open consistently in the midst of the Fieldstone Fair), Grandma's Attic is our thrift shop, offering low-evaluated family things, books and toys. The Attic is intrigued by the general populace once a month, and for unprecedented events. 

Costs generally run from $0.25 to $10, be that as it may we occasional have all the more excessive things, for instance, china, silver or top notch contraptions. For effortlessness of shopping, we have set expenses posted on the divider for all clothing things. All distinctive things are assessed as stamped. 

Grandma's Attic is generally open on the third Sunday of each month from 10 am-12pm, with the exception of July and August. Generous check this page or our event presenting for any absolutions on this hours as basic. 

It would be perfect in the event that you use the back stairs/door behind the building to enter the assembly basement. Compassionate take after the signs past a couple of entryways and to the right to find the Attic. 

Starting now Grandma's Attic is run with only 3 volunteers and more are continually welcome to turn through the timetable. 

For the days we are open, set up on the stage ordinarily happens on the Friday night former. Volunteers help in the midst of open hours on Saturday by walking around the room and stage zone in a push to backing in straightening up and packaging as needed. These volunteers moreover help clean up after the shop closes to ensure it is readied for the going hand in hand with month. 

Here and there, the shop has extra things that are precarious to offer or clothing that is out of season. In these cases things get packaged to provide for different generous relationship around Waltham. Since the shop has so few volunteers to run it, it would be uncommon to have new volunteers to dislodge these things from limit and drop them off at the generosity of their choice. On the off chance that you run an area magnanimity and may need to request these endowments or in case you are a parishioner who would have the ability to help pass on these things, please let Suzanne know. 

Blessings (particularly of youths' things) are always expanded in quality. On the off chance that you may need to make a blessing, please call the territory office at 781-891-6012 and compose a period to drop things off. We do recognize little bits of furniture, the length of they can be passed on by one single person.

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